Wednesday Trending Topics: And Just Who The Hell Is That?

Wednesday Trending Topics: And Just Who The Hell Is That?

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It’s been a pretty interesting Comic Day, with Fear Itself, Nonplayer, and of course the secret of Brightest Day generating some serious discussion.  Meanwhile, the tv/film side of the page reveals more question marks for The Wolverine. I’m ready to crack open my Atlas Era Strange Tales Vol 4 Masterwork, but before I get to that…

Most-Read Comic Stories Today:

Big Brightest Day Spoilers You Will Kill Yourself Over If You Read

At Wondercon, Dan DiDio talked about such plans as happening in the near future. Well, I suppose Wednesday is pretty near…

Batman And The Case Of The Mysterious Ghostly Power Pack

But there’s something strange about it. You probably can’t see, but if you turn up the contrast on the scanner…

Wednesday Comics Review: Nonplayer 1 and Fear Itself 1 Bleeding Cool Comic Book, Movies and TV News and Rumors

Fear Itself is the beginning of the big Marvel crossover. Take all the Marvel characters and shuffle them in a bag and see how many millions you can sell. It’s an overtly commercial proposition, but because of those guaranteed sales, there’s a chance to explore something rather meaningful without fear of polarising the audience and stop them buying the book. Civil War probably did this most successfully, playing on a post 9/11 world where security and liberty were at war in America, literalised into a superhero war.

Most-Read TV/Film Stories Today:

Lex Luthor And Miss Teschmacher Have Roles In The New Superman, Says Howard Stern

Apparently, the King of All Media has claimed that Zack Snyder and Warner Bros. will be auditioning actors for the roles of Lex Luthor and Mss Teschmacher in their new Superman film.

VIDEO: The First Four Minutes Of Sucker Punch Deconstructed

Here are the opening minutes of Sucker Punch complete with my video commentary. I really do feel quite passionately about this film, and if you’re sitting on the fence about buying a ticket, I would like to encourage you.

Hugh Jackman Being Asked To Leave Wolverine For Snow White

After the sudden departure of Darren Aronofsky and the recent tragic natural disasters in Japan, it’s looking increasingly like The Wolverine could face serious delay, if not an outright cancellation. This is more than a shame as the screenplay, by Christopher McQuarrie is widely held to be very nifty indeed.

Most-Clicked Pics Today:

You Really, Really, Don’t Want To See This Brightest Day SPOILER If You Haven’t Read It

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