VIDEO: See Star Wars: The Musical In Full

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The full and complete and almost unutterably goofy Star Wars: The Musical has made its way online. Not to be confused with an expensive Broadway production with lavish sets, experienced cast and a score of original music, this is a bunch of school kids singing new Star Wars-related lyrics to some famous show tunes.

It’s better than that sounds, though, I promise. I especially like the completely transparent nature of Vader’s helmet, though he FX that bring R2D2 to life are pretty cool too. I think we’ll all agree it’s better than the ’78 Holiday Special.*

Salon scored the full set of original 1996 videos first of all, and have also provided just a little bit of background. Act I is below, in three parts, and if you want to know how it ends (really, the idea of somebody who has never seen Star Wars watching this amuses me so much) then go to Salon for that also.

*And I mean literally better. So, in effect, not quite as hypnotic.

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