Terry Gilliam On Storyboarding Watchmen, Baron Munchausen And Time Bandits

Here’s the man himself, thumbing through some of his books of storyboards and chatting about how he uses them in filmmaking.

The video comes from 1989, while Gilliam was prepping to make a film of Watchmen. For a minute or three, scattered in the middle of the piece, he talks just a little about his plans for the film, and the stage he had arrived at in prep.

He also says something that I know Rich would find most gratifying: that films are much simpler than people realise, and as a result, he was having trouble making Watchmen fit into one. I’m sure my esteemed colleague will be willfully misunderstanding that right into my face for years to come.


Thanks to the Real Gilliam Fan Blog for the tip off. Sterling work of the kind that Fake Gilliam Fan Blog never seems to muster.