SCOOP: The Dark Knight Rises To Shoot In London And Pittsburgh

Is it important to know where a certain film will be shooting? Maybe it is, if there’s anything else to be read from the info, from peering between the lines. Or if you’re a creepy stalker type. Or a Little Bleeder wanting to take pictures and send them to us.

Chris Nolan has issued a statement about The Dark Knight Rises filming in Pittsburgh, and The Post Gazette had these quotes from it:

Pittsburgh is a beautiful city. We have been able to find everything we were looking for here, and I am excited to spend the summer in Pittsburgh with our final installment of Batman.

In short, he’s found varied architecture, and the city has proven a more-or-less one-stop-shop for Rises locations. Okay.. perhaps there’s slightly more to be garnered from our inside tip-off that the production will also be shooting in London.

According to a Little Bleeder, the filmmakers will be returning to Senate House in Russell Square. This was the location for a courtroom sequence in Batman Begins. There were two sequences shot here: when Joe Chill leaves the courtroom, and where Rachel confronts Dr. Crane.

If we assume that the location will be used for the same purpose this time (and that seems reasonable, if they’ll be coming all the way from Pittsburgh for a week or so and not just finding somewhere suitable in all of that “varied architecture”) then maybe we’ve got the end of a thread that, when unravelled on the big screen, will reveal just how much Rises will really take us back, full circle to Begins, as Chris Nolan has been promising.