Josh Stolberg Is Writing Lots Of Different Films, Talks About Them

Josh Stolberg Is Writing Lots Of Different Films, Talks About Them

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What do a remake of Alfred Hitchcock’s To Catch a Thief; the Night at the Museum-like Hasbro Factory; adaptations of the novels The Last Samurai and Skippyjon Jones; and the chubby-comedian vehicle Man Witch have in common?

They’re all being written, co-written or re-written by Josh Stolberg. He’s already got a pretty wild resume, including everything from The Last Airbender (as seen on TV), Piranha 3D (as seen at the cinema) and Good Luck Chuck (as seen in Walmart bargain bins). If you look him up online, you find lots of pictures of naked women.* He’s nothing if not prolific and flexible.

His new movie, Conception, has pretty much passed me by until now, but I’m certainly interested to catch up with it.

Speaking as a guest on this week’s Hole Cast, Stolberg offered a slew of updates on his in-the-works pictures. Here are some quotes.

To Catch a Thief: It was fun to come at it from a different angle, make it a little bit more modern and gadgety. It’s the first script that I’ve ever written [with] a lot of heists and action sequences and it was a blast… we just turned in the script to the studio a couple of months ago and they’re working on casting now.

Hasbro Factory: We get to play around with a lot of Hasbro brands, but at the end of the day it’s just a great father-kid relationship story kinda in a Night at the Museum-kinda template.

The Last Samurai: Tom Dey, who directed Shanghai Noon, is attached to direct the film and he worked with me on the script and it’s a really beautiful story about an incredibly smart woman who’s raising a genius child who is searching for his father.

Man Witch: This guy has to go to the witch training academy with a bunch of pre-pubescent little girls to learn how to control his powers before he destroys the world. Jack Black was attached for a while, he’s no longer attached.. Zach Galifiankis was attached, and still might be attached, although I’m not quite sure, you never know about these things.

Note that he didn’t name Hasbro Factory explicitly, but his description matches the picture spot on.

*Actually, I find at least one naked woman by Googling just about anything these days. What’s the world coming to, etc.

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