Japanese Internet Provider Starts US And Japanese Digital Manga Publisher

Posted by April 5, 2011 Comment

Yesterday, NEC Biglobe launched digital bookstores for manga in Japan and the USA, for download onto smartphones and tablets using Android apps.

Right now though the selection is limited to 300 in Japan (including The Rose Of Versaille and Kimagure Orange Road) and 150 in the USA (including Appleseed, Cat Eyed Girl and Yoan). But the company aims to have fifty thousand manga in Japanese in two years and a hundred thousand in English for America.

Readers buy separate chapters for a book and can pre-purchase rolls of “tickets” to do so, the more you buy the cheaper they are. So one hundred tickets costs $1.25, two thousand two hundred costs $25. Which put $1.99 digital comics in their place, a bit.

The company also intends to provide content for Apple’s platforms soon, as well as launching in France and other European countries in the Summer and East Asia later in the year.

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