Founders Vs Founder Over The Future Of L’Association

Founders Vs Founder Over The Future Of L’Association

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Bleeding Cool has catalogued a number of the woes of French alternative comics publisher , as it has seen mainstream publishers take over the kind of projects that would usually be theirs. There as been a reduction in operation, dismissal of staff, strikes and tell-all satires from the likes of Lewis Trondheim.

Well now founding members and famed cartoonists Killoffer and David B. have chimed in.

Killoffer kicks off with a cartoon that shows remaining founder Jean-Christophe Menu as one of the heads of the hydra (the L’Association symbol) who is killing the others, calling people to the General Meeting on April 11th to decide the future of the publisher.
And then David B. writes a long diatribe where he explains the reasons why the publisher got into the current situation, blaming it on an alleged mid-life crisis suffered by Menu.

Say, anyone in and around Paris care to make it along to the meeting next week and report back for Bleeding Cool? It should be interesting.

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