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These are the stories you hear in the Irish sport bars of Manhattan or the hotel bars at conventions. That are spread freely with little or no thought for consequences. And enough to make you realise that, yes, the comics industry is just like Hollywood. Just with less money. Welcome to Page 616, the very irregular Blind Items column of Bleeding Cool – a special post-Wondercon edition.

The names have been removed, as ever, to protect the guilty.

1) Which prominent Big Two comics industry executive was once accused of embezzling money from another publisher by doing a private deal with a toy company to licence the properties – with the money paid directly into his bank account? And then caught out after he used the money to buy a house? Yes, it was in the nineties!

2) Which semi-autobiographical comic came to sudden end as the creator went  through a messy divorce and as a result couldn’t show that in the comic?

3) Which married comics publisher was caught in the act with his publicist – and why were more people shocked to find he had a publicist rather than an affair?

4) Which creator-owned comic suddenly came to an end at an incongrously-place publisher just as the creator’s romantic relationship with the publisher has also come to an end?

5) Which married comics creator was once found in a hotel room with a number of people from his publisher, all male, all naked, all… rather involved?

6) Which very very heterosexual and alpha male comics creator took a pre-op transexual woman home at a comics convention unaware as to her nature – and stayed blissfully unaware the next day, not exactly sure what had happened?

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