Monday Trending Topics: I Believe Our Adventure Through Time Has Taken A Most Serious Turn

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Monday in Spring means a jetlagged post-con pre-work-week world where news from the con mixes with new news to form an asynchronous melange of pulpy fun.  And today we have stuff about Captain America, Doctor Who, and the secret identity of the WonderCon Green Hornet is revealed.  Oh yes, and Keanu Reeves speaks on the new Bill & Ted.

Most-Read Comic Stories Today:

Marvel Spoils Captain America Comic In New York Daily News (THREE COVER UPDATE)

The New York Daily News is running this morning with the story that… okay, look, I’ll just write enough text so that the big spoiler won’t actually show on the front page of Bleeding Cool, so as to give people a chance, but seriously, odds are this will be all over the media well before you get to your comic shop to actually buy the comic where this is revealed.

Is Captain America… Not Renumbering?

I’m afraid everyone will have to wait for tomorrow to find out what happens to the regular Cap book. An eternity, I know. Wow, you guys are really angry. Just have a little patience. All will soon be revealed.

Green Hornet Cosplayer At Wondercon Was Peter David All Along

“The reason I was attending Wondercon was that Activision brought me out to promote “Spider-Man: Edge of Time.” Since I was out here on their dime, I wanted to make sure that anyone who wanted to see me had to come to the panel. But I didn’t want to be a prisoner of my hotel room for two days.

Most-Read TV/Film Stories Today:

Doctor Who’s New Huge Twist Revealed On Magazine Covers

Be warned – you might consider the following to be a grievous SPOILER. Though, of course, while I am about to reveal something quite surprising about the first episode in the new sixth/thirty second series of Doctor Who, there’s bound to be more going on than meets the eye.

Keanu Reeves Reveals The Premise For Bill And Ted 3

We’re just six weeks away from Chris Matheson and Ed Solomon‘s script from Bill & Ted 3 being complete, says the man who once twice was Ted  – that’s Keanu Reeves, for those of you with a slightly less keen interest in the series.

Neil Gaiman’s Perfect Introduction To Doctor Who For New Viewers

As a result, there would have been some people in the room that have never seen an episode, a handful of ankhs hidden amongst the hundreds of bow ties, fezes and preemptive stetsons. But have no fear, Who-noobs, Neil Gaiman has the perfect introduction to the series. He’ll tell you everything you need to know:

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