Kapow Line Up Revealed - With Commentary From Rich And Brendon

Kapow Line Up Revealed – With Commentary From Rich And Brendon

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This is a live post, being updated as the details are updated and as Rich and I add our commentary.

Rich will be in Red, when he gets here. I will be in Blue.

KAPOW Programme Saturday 9th April 2011

Gallery Hall – 750 Seats

10.00-11.00 Jonathon Ross’ Fan vs Pro Gameshow

TV chat-show King hosts Jonathan Ross a one-of-a-kind panel show where three big-name writers and artists face off against three super-fans in a comic-book trivia competition. The pros will be revealed as the show begins and the fanboys will be pulled from the audience. Would you like to humiliate a beloved comic-book creator with your superior knowledge of what they do for a living? Then come along and pummel them. The prize for the winners? Leaving the hall with your dignity intact.

That’s a really, really crappy prize. Surely Jonathan could spare one of his old “The Bride” motorcycle suits or something?

The best prizes are No Prizes, Brendon. Don’t you know anything?

11.15-12.15 Breaking Into Comics The Marvel Way

Are you an aspiring writer or artist? Have you always dreamed of working for Marvel? Well, here’s your chance to pick the brains of some current House of Ideas employees who were once in the same shoes!

Join C.B. Cebulski, Marvel’s SVP, Creator & Content Development, Senior Editors Nick Lowe & Steve Wacker, superstar artists Bryan Hitch (The Ultimates), Adi Granov (Astonishing Captain America) and Leinil Yu (Ultimate Comics Avengers vs. New Ultimates) and fan favorite writer Kieron Gillen (Uncanny X-Men) as they answer any and all questions about how to get a foot in the door at every level in the creative process and how to make your job MARVEL.

Technically, they appear to mean breaking into Marvel comics. I’m not sure what the Marvel way to break into DC would be, for example.

Work for Marvel, then get hired as a DC exclusive. David Finch, Gail Simone, Paul Cornell. Ethan Van Sciver…

12.30-13.30 DC Superstar Creators Panel

Enjoy an audience with the biggest names from DC Comics as they talk about their current books and tease us with news of new, upcoming projects you know you’re going to love soon too. Dave Gibbons (Watchmen, Green Lantern), Frank Quitely (All-Star Superman, All-Star Batman and Robin), Paul Cornell (Action Comics, Knight and Squire), Peter Milligan (Hellblazer) will be on stage and fielding questions from the audience. What does DC have in store for 2012? Find out HERE

Or find out on Bleeding Cool between now and then? If Rich has his way, then yes. Gotta set your scooping sights high.

Hmm, actually I have one I’m working on right now. We’ll see.

13.45-14.45 An Audience With Mark Gatiss

Award-winning and critically-acclaimed author, actor and playwright Mark Gatiss, will be chatting about his life, career and future plans.

Gatiss is one quarter of the award-winning comedy team The League of Gentlemen, and heavily involved with the enormously popular revival of the Doctor Who TV series for the BBC, writing several fan-favourite stories and even starring in one episode. With Steven Moffat, he co-created last Autumn’s hit Sherlock, appearing as Mycroft Holmes, and also starred as Robert Louis Stevenson in Jekyll, another huge BBC One serial.

An opportunity to ask Mark why his Doctor Who episodes always disappoint. Except, perhaps, this year’s one with the scary dolls.

I like the Dickens one. And his sketches with David Walliams as well, of course.

15.00-15.45 Marvel: Pint O’ CB

This is it, Mighty Marvel fans- the no-holds-barred, anything goes, full of surprises panel you wait all year for, and it’s here!  Marvel’s SVP, Creator & Content Development, C.B. Cebulski, takes on all questions, shocks the audience with jaw-dropping announcements and guests, Senior Editors Nick Lowe & Steve Wacker and more! You better be here, because this is the panel that everyone will be talking about! So head on over and grab a pint with C.B.!

Or in the pub afterwards. or at breakfast.

And there’s always the minibar in his room if you’d prefer something a little more… private.

16.00-16.45 Kapow! Surprise Panel

A surprise.

X-Men: First Class, then. Which will be nice.

Really? After the issue at the Empire Awards? Could be. Then again it could be Mark Millar jumping out of the Kapow sign saying BOO!

I really, really hope it isn’t anything disappointing. We want big names, on stage, making us feel more special than we are just by allowing us to look at them.

I just look at you and I feel special.

17.00-18.30 The Stan Lee Awards

Stan Lee is honoured to have these awards in his name explaining “this is a fantastic platform to reward the cream of comic book talent for all their creativity and imagination throughout 2010, which has brought us so much entertainment and inspiration” and explains that having an awards show in his honour has made him feel like “a living Oscar”.

Join Billy Kirkwood, one of the hottest stand-ups in the country, as he hosts the world’s first International Stan Lee Awards. Nominations include Best Writer, Best Artist, Best Movie and Best Game in a star-studded gala not to be missed. Special comic-book, movie and television guests will introduce each award and the winners immortalised on a decent-looking plaque.

The Frankie Boyle replacement slot then.

Auditorium – 500 Seats

10.00-10.45 Marshal Law and More

Kevin O’Neill and Pat Mills  celebrate the return of Marshal Law  which will be reprinted  by DC Comics.  They talk about the super  hero hunter and what makes him unique in an endless  jungle of leotard-clad “heroes”.    They also talk about their other collaborations such as Metalzoic  (DC Comics),  ABC Warriors and, of course, the fondly remembered  alien freedom fighter – Nemesis.

Say, I’ve heard of another comic called Nemesis. Could we start a trademark battle on stage?

11.00-12.00 2000AD Megastars Panel

The Galaxy’s Greatest Comic’s script and art droids, past and present, come together to discuss working for 2000 AD and the SF anthology’s standing in the comics industry as one of the last British titles, as well as looking ahead to what projects are coming up on the future.

Chaired by Matt Smith with Dave Gibbons, Brian Bolland, Brendan McCarthy, Chris Weston, Jock, Steve Yeowell, Al Ewing.

2000AD editor Matt Smith that is. Say how about we just talk about Canon Fodder since Chris is here?

Does he wear a bow tie/fez/stetson/space suit?


12.15-13.15 Meet the Stars of Clint Mag

Get ready for the most talked about panel of Kapow!, the biggest names in TV and comics getting together for the first time ever to talk about CLINT magazine, how it started and what’s coming up – we promise unlike any comic panel you have ever seen before.

NOTE: This panel is only available to 15 and over. We think you know why.

To create the impression that it’s naughty and risky and adult and controversial – you know, like most 15 year olds are.

They should also say “and under 30”. So, will the new issue be out by then? It’s late again…

13.30-14.30 BBC TV’s Merlin

Co-Creator and Producer Johnny Capps along with all the star actors Colin Morgan (Merlin), Bradley James (Arthur),Angel Coulby (Gwen) and Katie McGrath (Morgana) from the show are on hand for this hour long Q&A.

Series 4 of this well-loved series is currently filming in Wales.

Merlin? Merlin? Does anybody actually like this bloody show? I had no idea.

They do. MCM London has had Merlin panels running the past few years. I watch this with the missus and the kids. Not as good as Larkrise To Candleford, but still.

14.45-16.30 The Green Lantern Panel, including screening of Emerald Knights.

This is definitely one to make the weekend if not the year for all Green Lantern fans…

Kapow hosts the premiere of Emerald Knights plus UK exclusive footage from the Green Lantern feature film.

Why are they calling this a panel? Will there be more to it than screenings? I sincerely hope so, though MCM’s May show is sponsored by Green Lantern…

Yeah, I think people would be expecting the film, not the cartoon. I’m still wondering if they’ll smuggle Ryan Reynolds in.

17.00-18.15 IGN Attack the Block Panel

Join writer and director of Attack the Block Joe Cornish and members of the cast as he shows you some exclusive footage from this sci-fi action adventure scheduled for nationwide release on 11th May. Attack the Block follows a group of teenagers in South London, desperately trying to protect their block from alien invasion. It’s inner city vs. outer space! Comedian, director, TV and radio presenter Joe Cornish, who along with comedy partner Adam Buxton formed the comedy duo Adam and Joe, has also made appearances in Hot Fuzz and Shaun of the Dead.

If I don’t get into this one I’m going to punch my way through the wall. There’s an attacking some blocks pun in there somewhere but it’s best left buried.

May I join you please, Brendon? Movie highlight of the show, yes?

That’s right. If not the season.

For making whoopie.

18.30-19.30 – Marvel Movies: The Mighty Thor

A fantastic way to end your Saturday at Kapow!

World Exclusive scenes from the upcoming Thor movie, introduced by none other than Thor himself Chris Hemsworth, along with Tom Hiddleston who plays villain Loki. This is your chance to ask the talent about the film and their experiences, plus get a glimpse at one of the most exciting comic-book superhero movies of the year.

Kenneth Branagh was “confirmed” to be attending the last I heard.

I saw Alan Yentob at San Diego Comic Con a couple of years ago. You never know.

KAPOW Programme Sunday 10th April 2011

Gallery Hall – 750 Seats

10.30-11.30 Millarworld Panel

Join the creators of Kick-Ass, Superior and Nemesis to talk about the stories, the sequels and the upcoming movies. PLUS: Mark Millar has invited Dave Gibbons and a secret special guest in a world exclusive where the next three Millarworld titles will be unveiled with title treatments and artwork. Join the biggest names in comics to discuss the biggest creator-owned books on the stands. This panel features Mark Millar (Kick-Ass 2, Old Man Logan), Dave Gibbons (Watchmen), John Romita Jr (Kick-Ass 2, The Avengers), Leinil Yu (Superior, Death of Spider-Man) and a comic-book superstar who will be unveiled to our hysterical audience and the world as he walks onto the stage. This is a must-see panel. DO NOT MISS!

A comic-book superstar will be unveiled to the hysterical audience? Yeah, we’ll see about that Millar.

Hysteria works!

11.45-12.45 E4 Panel: Misfits and Skins

Join Iwan Rheon (Simon), Lauren Socha (Kelly) and Executive Producer Petra Fried for a World Exclusive Misfits Series 3 announcement.  Additionally Skins novelist Jess Brittain, plus actors, Sean Teale (Nick), Jessica Sula (Grace) and Dakota Blue Richards (Franky) will be on hand to answer all your Skins related questions.

No Howard Overman? No Brian Elsley or Jack Thorne?

Can I just go to the Misfits bit?

13.00-14.00 BBC Three Panel: Being Human

Join Being Human creator Toby Whithouse in an hour-long Q&A on this beloved show. Being Human follows the trials of three supernatural beings, as they try to adapt to living and existing amongst humans. Series 3 is currently available now on DVD, and Series 4 has been commissioned and is in pre-production.

And this isn’t just called the Being Human panel for why?

Because no one would go to the No Angels panel.

What about… er… Doctor Who Confidential? No… you’re right. This is only for people who only watch shows with magic or fake technology in them.

14.15-15.00 Marvel: Welcome to the X-Men

Marvel’s most uncanny heroes have emerged bloodied…and not altogether unbowed…from the Curse of the Mutants. But now that the survivors have been drafted to “Serve & Protect”, what will be the vampire legion’s next move? And what secrets are at the heart of the mysterious timeline known as the “Age Of X”? Pop your claws into all the answers as X-Men Senior Editor Nick Lowe, writer Kieron Gillen (Uncanny X-Men), C.B. Cebulski, Marvel’s SVP Creator & Content Development and a slew of surprise guests explore the present landscape and multiple futures of the X-Men.

It’s those men again.

I’m surprised they didn’t mention Schism, Vengeance or MMXI: Year of The X-Men at all.

15.15-16.00 Marvel: The Amazing Spider-Panel

Spider-Man has landed his dream job, joined the FF and skyrocketed into the Big Time! But how much longer can the good times last for everyone’s favorite web-slinger without sinister results? You’ve got questions & these people have answers! Join Spider-Man Senior Editor Steve Wacker, Spider-Man Artist Extraordinaire John Romita Jr. and C.B. Cebulski, Marvel’s SVP, Creator & Content Development as they talk about what’s on the horizon for Peter Parker and just what the threat of Infestation could mean for the Marvel Universe! Come on over and find out, True Believers!

Wash, rinse, repeat.

CB’s bloody busy, who does he think he is, Stan Lee?

Auditorium – 500 Seats

10.30-11.30 Momentum Pictures Showcase: Hobo With a Shotgun, Insidious, The Woman In Black

Join the Momentum bunch and learn more about some of the most anticipated films of 2011. There’s exclusive preview footage from GRINDHOUSE’s bastard lovechild, HOBO WITH A SHOTGUN (gunning for UK cinemas on 22 July) followed by a Q&A with James Watkins, director of the highly anticipated supernatural chiller THE WOMAN IN BLACK, starring Daniel Radcliffe and Ciaran Hinds. To cap it off, the creators of SAWJames Wan and Leigh Whannell, who have teamed up with the twisted minds behind PARANORMAL ACTIVITY are on hand to talk about the next chapter in haunted house horror, INSIDIOUS, which is released on 29 April.

This vs. Millarworld. This wins.

We shall divide and conquer, sir!

11.45-12.45 FX UK: Falling Skies and The Walking Dead

Come along to the World Premiere of Steven Spielberg’s Falling Skies, which follows a group of survivors in the aftermath of an alien invasion! See the never been seen Episode 1 in full of this exciting new show coming  soon on FX.

Additionally, Andrew Lincoln kindly pre-recorded a video interview about his lead role in The Walking Dead for Kapow! as he has just started filming Season 2 in the US, with Season 1 releasing on DVD and Blu-ray on May 16th

The world premiere of Falling Skies. In many ways, this is the most impressive thing on the schedule, being an actual bona fide world premiere of something intact and all.

Exepct the actual TV premiere will be two hours long. This looks like the first half.

13.00-14.00 Ubisoft: Child of Eden

Tetsuya Mizuguchi, the mind behind the cult classic videogame Rez presents Child of Eden, the unique multisensory, musical shooter, set for release on X-Box 360.

Aren’t most videogames multisensory, except for when I play my 3DS in bed with the volume down so Rachael doesn’t elbow me in the ribs?

Nintendo 4DS. Now with Smell!


The most talked about event at Kapow! must be Movie X, the top secret UK premiere of a summer superhero movie. The internet has been ablaze with speculation, but so far nobody has leaked what’s waiting when the curtains open and the audience finds out what they have in store. The only clue we’re giving away? He wears a cape and he’s got a kind of weird name.

I reckon it’s Mark Millar. That’s a weird name, because nobody much can pronounce it right at all. And he wears a cape.

What if Mark Millar filmed his own Kick Ass fantasy?

Updates to this post are happening live as more details are transcribed and Rich and I add our comments.

One thing to note is that a number of promises appearances have been dropped. No Frankie Boyle, no Miracle Park premiere, no Walking Dead/Dexter/True Blood people, no Dredd people and no Dredd previews, and a number of the panels that are announced are less than you might expect, as Brendon pointed out. Basically it hasn’t lived up to its own hype.

And is anybody surprised? The question, really is whether it’s going to be any good, and I expect it will be at least pretty good. Nothing, but nothing, could live up to the sort of hype Millar can create.

Of course conventions always find they drop people and events before the show, it’s the way things go. The delay of these event announcements from 14th February looks like there’s been a mad runaround to try and get replacemnts for said dropouts. And they seem to have done a fairly good job with the likes of Thor.

That’s one of the best scores, and if it was fixed at a late stage, somebody owes the pope a pint, I can tell you.

And in Melinda Gebbie, they even have a female comics guest now! Huzzah! But Kapow may need to bring on some more of the dancing girls to disappoint the more rabid ticket buyer who bought their ticket when the show was promising a lot more.

But here’s the thing, what it does have is still impressive enough for a first time convention. It all looks like a lot of fun and I’ll be there with a table having a laugh, and it should be a great time for all concerned. I’m worried about Mark saying that they’ve sold five and a half thousand tickets for each day, when the venue’s staff say that, with stalls, booths and tables, capacity is just over three thousand. So it may be a little bit of a squeeze. Just hope the air conditioning is working!

Too many tickets for too few seats. FACT.

Hey, it’s a comics convention. I know I’m going to have a great time, I always do. And it should be a pretty good lead in to MCM London next month too…

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