The US Doctor Who Trailer Dissected

The US Doctor Who Trailer Dissected

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Little Bleeder Ed pops up again with a follow up to his original to take us through the US Doctor Who trailer, frame by frame.

I missed this in the first trailer, but you’ll see that the Time Engine from The Lodger makes a third, handy appearance – a bit of its control panel appears to be jutting out of the foreground to the bottom-left, here…also, who is that girl, anyway? Her skirt doesn’t seem the correct attire for that terrain of seemingly ruined spaceships…

Check out the office – primitive PA system and radio, and if you’ve seen the Preview clip on the BBC website you might start to think this is the office of a President known for Trickiness…

One of our new monsters is sadly obscured, though there may be…eyestalks? Possibly a four-legged beast?

Whatever it is, it has as much a hatred for windows as any Moffat monster (I’m looking at you, fish-vampires, old-people-with-eyes-in-their-mouths, and…well, you get the picture.)

No sign of a struggle…it seems Captain Whoeverthisis turned to Piracy after being disqualified from a forensics degree…perhaps these might be undercover marauders?

Woops, and the Doctor decides to join in with the smashing of glass. Given the angle of the windowframe, the rifle he’s holding, and the globe and cross and gold shiny things, I’d say he’s escaping from inside one of the pirate’s ships.

Five seconds of this guy running. The lack of beard/headgear and the hair seems to suggest a new costume option for Rory. He does like his roleplay, bless ‘im.

This woman is probably the same as the screaming ‘ghoul’ – she’s wearing the same orange uniform. Possibly a kind of disease, either physical or mental?

And there she is again with Rory

And I think we may be closer to solving the mystery of that creepy close-up face from the first trailer. Here today…

…Ghoul tomorrow!

Less important is Amy’s screaming here than the location she’s in – enclosed corridors? What Who villain feels comfortable in those? Apart from, of course, all of them.

That’s more like it! Purple lightning, sparks, an oddish control panel and churchlike arches.

Note the young lady apparently trapped with them, inside this circular-windowed chamber…unless, of course, it’s a monster with a rounded eye that the Doctor is trying to slap into submission. Either way, very claustrophobic. I recall Moffat comparing Series 5 to a ‘Rollercoaster Ride’ and going on to call Series 6 a ‘Ghost Train’ by comparison. Brr…

Our trips to the States ain’t ending in Utah or Washington apparently – take a look at that there Chrysler building! River’s going to Noo Yawk.

And at last the aliens. I’m betting these are definitely the ones that have been haunting the States in the first ep. – handily,Pegg & Frost and Paul managed to explain the design a couple of months ago. If you squint, you’ll notice the eyesockets are the same shape as the classical ‘Grey’ alien of popular Men In Black, anal-probe abduction stories (Paul being one of them), with ovoid heads, grey skin and big black eyes. Similar to the way the Weeping Angels prey upon our fear of living statues, angels, etc.

Though quite frankly, I’m more disturbed that one of them appears to be wearing a suit and tie, implying that they ARE the Men In Black. Or Greys-In-Black…

You may draw your own conclusions.

Thank you Ed! Always a pleasure, never a chore!

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