Sean Gordon Murphy’s Punk Rock Jesus

Sean Gordon Murphy’s Punk Rock Jesus

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Sean Gordon Murphy of Joe The Barbarian fame is currentoy working on two projects for DC/Vertigo, an American Vampire miniseries set in World War II, written by Scott Snyder, and his own original graphic novel that he’s been working on for four years and that avoided the recent Vertigo OGN cull. Punk Rock Jesus.

Murphy describes the work as “a major broadcasting company tried to do a reality show of Jesus Christ by cloning him from the Shroud of Turin. Mayhem ensues between different types of fans: religious people who love/hate the show, angry politicians worried about Jesus running for president one day, and scientists who morally appose cloning. Eventually the project collapses and the young clone has a breakdown when the show “eliminates” his mother because of ratings. He runs away, tells the world that he’s an atheist, and fights the power by starting a punk band, The Flack Jackets. His bodyguard is the witness to the whole epic, reminding him of his own IRA struggle in Belfast when he was young, fighting a different sort of power…”

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