New Doctor Who Footage And Behind The Scenes Snippets In This WonderCon Video

Posted by April 3, 2011 Comment

These Doctor Who posts just aren’t going to let up, I’m afraid. With a little under three weeks until the new series kicks off, the marketing is only going to get busier and heavier and faster and louder.

And Rich and I will not be able to resist chewing it all up like the big geeks we are.

As premiered at this week’s WonderCon, here’s a new two-minute video with new clips, some interview bits and some behind the scenes footage.

“I love the fact that Amy has this massive secret from him.”

“So The Doctor’s relationship to Amy is going to change forever.”

“My life in your hands, Amelia Pond.”

There’s the set up for our cliff hanger, I’d wager. Bring it on, Moffat.

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