Ben Drew, Aka Plan B, Cast In The Sweeney, And Readying Own Film For Release – UPDATED With Pics

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The Sweeney was, originally, a British TV show about members of the Flying Squad, principally Detective Sergeant George Carter and Detective Inspector Jack Regan. They weren’t so much “good cop, bad cop” as “bad cop, worse cop”.

The title, if you haven’t already surmised, comes from Cockney rhyming slang.

A long in the works big screen version would seem to be revving up. If we can believe The Sun, and on occasion we can, then Plan B, known to his mother as Ben Drew, has won the role of Carter. For years now there’s been talk of Ray Winstone playing Regan, and at least according to the Sun story, this is still the case.

UPDATE: Vertigo films have confirmed this and issued two images of Ben and Ray together. So here they are.

The film is to be directed by Nick Love. The best way I can introduce him, I think, is with a little audio.

Here’s Love and Danny Dyer discussing their film Outlaw on its DVD audio commentary. I consider this a must listen.

First for Mr. Drew, however, will be the release of his own film, his debut as a feature length director. Ill Manors was filmed late last year with financing from the Microwave mini-budget scheme.

To give you some idea of what that might be like, here’s a still from the film showing Martin Serene and Mem Ferda as, and below that, Drew’s “Director’s Statement” from the Microwave website.

A reference that immediately comes to mind is There Will Be Blood for its long lens shots which often stay on its subjects for long drawn out periods rather than conforming to more traditional ways of cinematography and cutting to a different shot mid-scene.

I want to use a mostly unknown cast predominantly from the area of Forest Gate where the film is set. During the process of casting for my previous short film Michelle, I found that that kids from the area were able to pick up the roles naturally as the local kids live on the streets that the film depicts and have come into contact with the type of people that the characters in the film are based on.

Certain parts of the film will be purposely stylised for the music videoesque sequences. With a number of musical sequences in the film, there is huge scope for even more new and exciting music video styles within the film that don’t have to bare any relation to previously seen footage. On music TV channels, each band has a different music video. The beauty of this project is that it is a collection of short stories that spill into one another, thus allowing wach music video section to be different from its predecessors in terms of style.

I am from Forest Gate so I have first-hand experience of this world and because of that I know why the people that live there are ‘the way they are’. It is easy for the media to write-off this underclass as ignorant ‘chavs’ when they so often get caught behaving in heartless and inhumane ways to other members of society. But I know that there is a reason behind every action carried out on the streets. My aim is to show why certain things you read about in the paper, happen! Why are these London streets so ruthless and uncompromosing? What is the cause? If you had the upbringing these characters had, are you sure you wouldn’t make similar moral choices to them?

I also want to show how the blind can learn to see. There are people from the underclass that are good (contrary to some of the actions), that are unable to see that they are trapped in a vicious circle until something happens – like the death of a friend – and they eyes are opened. This film differs from other in that is is not about the kids that inhabit these streets, it’s about the streets that these kids inhabit as well as everyone else who lives there – white Cockneys/Muslims/Jamaicans/Eastern-Europeans – the list goes on for Newham is one of THE most multi-cultural places in Great Britain, if not the world!

I want to make Ill Manors, because no one has as yet pulled off the hip hop musical concept befre and I find it unlikely that anyone besides a hip hop artist with directing experience will ever come close. In order for this to work, the music need to be of a certain standard and with me you will get that standard as I have proved with my albums Who Needs Actions… and The Defamation of Strickland Banks.

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