New Ridley Scott Project The Sector, Trading On Blade Runnerishness (Again)

I’m sure it makes commercial sense, and there’s even fuel for the auteur theory fiends here, but I’m getting tired of Ridley Scott projects and pitches being polished up with allusions to Blade Runner. It’s one of the reasons that Prometheus, his Alien prequel (it is an Alien prequel, I tell you) is such an enticing prospect – that one dangles a different bit of fanboy bait from the Scott stable, and the change is as good as a rest.

Scott’s newest proposition is The Sector, a TV series from his Scott Free company. Here’s how The Hollywood Reporter describe its premise:

In the vein of Blade Runner and District 9… a new one-hour action crime series.

Not a lot to go on. What do those two films have in common, really? I suppose it will sci-fi set in a litter-strewn world, concerned with issues of class, maybe race and even basic notions of humanity. And the translation of District 9 into The Sector is pretty obvious.

It’s a bit clearer when you see The NY Post add that the show will be about:

…the commander of a paramilitary unit who pursues a dangerous new race of genetically enhanced humans.

The showrunner is to be Simon Mirren, previously responsible for Without a Trace and Criminal Minds, while the creators are Aaron and Matthew Benay, co-writers of Brad Bird’s in-development San Francisco Earthquake period action drama, 1906.*

Apparently, Cinemax are to air the show as part of a rebranding drive. They are no longer wishing to be thought of as soft-smut peddlers but… um.. hawkers of action fare for young men.

Same difference?

*Removing any of those descriptors just seemed to neuter it. Sorry I had to bombard you.