Friday Trending Topics: Rich Johnston's Audition Reel For The Wonder Woman Pilot

Friday Trending Topics: Rich Johnston’s Audition Reel For The Wonder Woman Pilot

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Lots of fooling around the comics internet today, both here and elsewhere, but for my money the funniest thing I’ve seen today is Rich Johnston acting out a scene from the Wonder Woman pilot script. Speaking of, Wonder Woman returned to BC Trending Topics in a big way, which is starting to intrigue me… because despite appalled reaction to both the pilot script and original costume, we all seem to be pretty damn interested in seeing how this turns out.

Most-Read Comic Stories Today:

DC Sucks Final Drops From League Of Extraordinary Gentlemen Barrel

After the V For Vendetta confrontation, the Alan Moore walkout and the absolute farrago of nonsense surrounding the release of Black Dossier, you might have thought DC would have had it up to here with the League Of Extraordinary Gentlemen. Not a bit of it.

FOOL: Arianna Huffington Buys Avatar Press – Comics Alliance And Bleeding Cool To Merge

The long and short of it is that William Christensen of Avatar Press has agreed to sell the Illinois comics publisher and all of its subsidiaries such as Boundless Comics, Bleeding Cool, Freak Angels, Whitechapel and the like to Adrianna Huffington’s Huffington Post Media Group, now part of AOL. This will have a number of repurcussions.

Things You Just Couldn’t Get Away With These Days #197 (NSFWIYWIARPO) Bleeding Cool Comic Book, Movies and TV News and Rumors

Fantagraphics have been putting the entire archives of The Comics Journal online, including issues before it was called The Comics Journal and was The Nostalgia Journal. And here is a cover from issue 31 featuring DC Comics’ Big Barda, drawn by the late Dave Cockrum.

Most-Read TV/Film Stories Today:

Exclusive Wonder Woman Shots – Injecting A Bad Guy

Here we have Adrianne Palicki filming a scene for Wonder Woman in which she apprehends a criminal before injecting him in the neck with a hypodermic syringe.

FOOL: You Honestly Won’t Believe That This Is Going To Be In The Sucker Punch Director’s Cut

When you see Sucker Punch, you’ll notice that the end credits are accompanied by a cover version of Love is the Drug and some footage of a big song and dance number. We’ve heard that this is from a scene sadly deleted from the theatrical cut, but expected to appear intact on the eventual DVD and Blu-ray release.

Here’s Wonder Woman In One Of Her Other Outfits, And With Her Wonder Woman Doll

And here are the audition videos of Tanit Phoenix and Rich Johnston, each of them acting out that very scene. This is the standard Ms. Palicki has to beat.

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