DC Sucks Final Drops From League Of Extraordinary Gentlemen Barrel

After the V For Vendetta confrontation, the Alan Moore walkout and the absolute farrago of nonsense surrounding the release of Black Dossier, you might have thought DC would have had it up to here with the League Of Extraordinary Gentlemen. Not a bit of it.

Because in November, DC is releasing a League Of Extraordinary Gentlemen Omnibus. And at 416 pages long, that’s enough to fit both series and the Black Dossier. Bet there won’t be a vinyl record enclosed though. And what about the paper stock and sizes for the Dossier? Could be a tricky one…

There are a few other omnibi of interest from both DC and Marvel too. We have a 704 page Jim Lee/Chris Claremont X-Men Omnibus would should collect their run on Uncanny X-Men and X-Men. There’s a Geoff Johns Hawkman Omnibus a Geoff Johns Teen Titans Omnibus both clocking in at 320 pages. A 512 page DC/Marvel Omnibus Vol 1 featuring some of the classic cross company crossovers… an indicator of a new one to come perhaps? A Kamandi Omnibus at 448 pages to join Jack Kirby Fourth World Omnibus at 304 pages. And a second Steve Ditko Omnibus at 384 pages to join the first one.

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