Teenage Mutated Ninja Turtles – Lots Of New Images, Some New Toes

Teenage Mutated Ninja Turtles – Lots Of New Images, Some New Toes

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The Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles are getting a makeover for a new Nickelodeon TV series. It’s some ways away yet, but they’ve already started courting the hardcore fans with presentation days, giveaway merch and these first-look images.

Like Wonder Woman’s costume, maybe a little bit of fan outcry could go some way to getting these designs reworked and put more squarely on track. But what’s wrong with them? Well, I don’t think you’d be asking me that if you were a zoophilic foot fetishist.

Look: the turtles now have three toes.

I have to admit that I could care less about their feet. I’ve got no idea how many toes a real turtle has, and I’m not about to check. Besides – these are mutants, why can’t that extend to their feet? Indeed, if I were given carte blanche in designing them I’d probably give one wings, another an malformed third arm and riddle another one with tumours. Those are more my kind of mutations, something a bit more Guillermo Del Toro.

So forget the toes. I’d be more concerned about wrong footedness* in the animation and storytelling.

*Do you see what I did there?

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