Dan Scanlon Is Directing Monsters University – But What Else Has He Done?

Pixar have decided that the time is right, and today announced that Dan Scanlon will be directing their upcoming Monsters Inc. prequel, Monsters University.

Sorry… Dan who?

Well, on Twitter he’s @mrdanscanlon. Previously he directed the short Cars Toon called Mater and the Ghostlight. He was a story artist on the original Cars. He contributed storyboards to some Disney direct-to-disc sequels. He illustrated the comic book Unmentionables, written by his wife Michelle Scanlon. It’s a potty-training story from the point of view of a three year olds’ pair of underpants.

And he’s made a feature film already, a live action one. Below is the trailer for it, a truly independent picture called Tracy. It’s being serialised on Funny or Die, now, but was given a very modest release as a full feature a couple of years back.


If Scanlon’s is not the most interesting resume at Pixar I want to know whose is.