The New Nonplayer – The Red Wing?

Posted by March 30, 2011 Comment

There seems to be a spate of upcoming new Image launches with colours in a similarly-structured title. Green Wake, Blue Estate and now The Red Wing.

The art from Nick Pitarra‘s blog is pretty gorgeous. But the thing that should get the orders rising is that it’s written by Human Torch slaughterer Jonathan Hickman. Which may be enough to stop it becoming the speculator hit Nonplayer is about to become. But then again, it may not be enough.

Set in a future where the best fighter pilots in the world not only have to master their craft and perfect their skills, the heroes of The Red Wing also have to learn how to navigate through time. Described by Hickman as “the greatest battle in the history of the history of three worlds,” the four-issue miniseries is but the first concept to be mined by Hickman & Pitarra as part of Hickman’s ongoing “PLUS!” project.

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