Ryan Ottley Burning Invincible Original Art Pages. Dealers Weep.

If you are a collector of original artwork from comic books then please, look away now. Because this is going to hurt.

“My good friend Derek Hunter and I had a burning party (two dudes is a party right?!) where we basically burned old art of ours that we hated. I posted the pics on Twitter as we were doing it and I got many questions and comments.

“”WHY are you doing that?!? Do you LIKE burning money?! You could have given those to a charity, Japan relief fund! You could have sent those to ME, I would pay postage!”

“My reasoning is, why would I want MORE bad art out there in circulation?! I only give art to charities that I like and think will pull a good profit for them. Giving away bad art to a charity is just…rude”

Check the photos below. There are many reasons I hate these early Invincible pages. Mainly it’s my lack of ability to draw a decent anatomically correct face. High brows, facial features look like they were just thrown on a blank face and where ever they landed I let them be. Not happy with them.

Told you it was going to be painful. To buy some art that Ryan is willing to sell, go here. Before he changes his mind and burns that as well.

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