Sunday Runaround: Superman Red & Superman Blue. Also: Brilliant

Another big day of C2E2 news from various publisher panels.  Talk of Defenders, Cassandra Cain, Pantsless Vampi (that’d be a good series title, yeah?), and Ghost Rider. Plus a touch of Robocop and other tidbits from the world outside Chicago. Let’s get to it:

C2E2 2011: Bendis and Bagley on Their BRILLIANT Creator-Owned Debut

The two creators are certainly familiar with each other — they collaborated on 111 issues of Ultimate Spider-Man together from 2000 to 2007, breaking Stan Lee and Jack Kirby’s Marvel Comics record of 102 consecutive Fantastic Four issues, a number once thought untouchable. They also worked together on The Pulse, Mighty Avengers and flashback scenes in the Alias arc “The Secret Origins of Jessica Jones.”

C2E2 2011: The Dynamite Entertainment Panel » MTV Geek

That said, he said we might see the return of her original pantsless costume by the end of the first arc, at least on a partial basis.

C2E2 2011: Long Lost Batgirl Cassandra Cain Returns in BATMAN: GATES OF GOTHAM

But during a panel at Chicago’s C2E2, we received confirmation from Batman: Gates of Gotham writer Scott Snyder that Cassandra will turn up in the mini-series. Comments also lead us to believe that her role is more than just a mere cameo.

Exclusive: Rob Williams and Matthew Clark Revive GHOST RIDER

Johnny Blaze is still going to be a central character in this series. Old school Ghost Rider fans are going to be seeing Johnny’s classic bike and look. But part of our hook is Johnny being given a faustian pact — he can rid himself of the curse of the Ghost Rider forever if he’s willing to pass it on to someone completely anonymous to him.

C2E2 2011: Cullen Bunn & Lee Garbett Don Their Water-Wings For FEAR ITSELF: THE DEEP

Defenders fans will want to take note. Have a look at this roster:

1980’s DC Stock Art Color Swatches

This is another page from DC’s official style guide, but with an added little bonus for all us graphic designers out there–the Pantone color swatches to be used for each character!

C2E2: Marvel’s Artist Architects – Comics News at IGN

John Romita Jr., Mike Deodato, Stuart Immonen, Salvador Larroca, Humberto Ramos, and Mark Bagley have been revealed as the primary artists that would be driving the look and feel of the Marvel Universe as a whole.

Twitter / Marvel Entertainment

Blade anime series on the way, along with Wolverine, Iron Man and X-Men. – Jeph Loeb at #MarvelTVPanel

Panel Review – Breaking Into Comics: The Marvel Way

Skottie Young (Wizard of Oz) moved to Chicago to go to Art School, and was swayed to attend Wizard World with his portfolio. He literally had no comic experience or artwork to show, mostly skateboard art and graphic design work. A representative from Image comics left his card for Young, and after a brief stint doing artwork for their company Marvel offered him a fill-in spot for an X-Men comic. “I had 10 pages of comic experience, but I said ‘Of course I can draw the X-Men!'”

Comic Book Jobs: Marvel Comics | Comix 411

You’ll be working with “other video editors and producers through all stages of the video production and post-production process to promote and expose Marvel Comics, Marvel Studios projects and much more.”

Watchmen by *Fonografiks

A cover concept for Watchmen, with a nod to the classic Penguin/Pelican house style. (via A Moment Of Moore)

Lynda Carter Reveals Opinion on New ‘Wonder Woman’ Costume – The Hollywood Reporter

She tells The Hollywood Reporter, “What’s not to like! Adrianne [Palicki] looks gorgeous and I’m really looking forward to seeing David E. Kelley’s new series.”

Director Joe Padilha Talks RoboCop | Superhero Hype

I think they saw my movies and felt there was something there that could bring to the present day this controversial, yet different, violent movie which is RoboCop without misrepresenting it.

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