Boundless To Copy IDW’s Godzilla Promotion To Launch War Goddess

At the C2E2 Retailer Program, Avatar/Boundless will be announcing a retailer cover promotion for the new Boundless book War Goddess that’s eerily similar to the super successful promotion by IDW to launch Godzilla.

When that promotion went up I predicted that it would be copied by others, but it all depended on who copies first. Here’s the answer to that question.

I’m told that War Goddess is the core book in a new comic universe, with action adventure titles with female leads. This will also include old Avatar characters such as Pandora, Hellina, and Widow, but reinvented for a current audience. And written by Mike Wolfer (Gravel) and drawn by Pow Rodrix (Justcie League)

And for the issue zero launch in June, retailers can order their own Retailer Exclusive Cover Variants with two tier options.

Whereas Godzilla had a 500 copy minimum buy in for retailers to get their store on the front of the comic being crushed by Godzilla’s foot, War Goddess has a 150 copy minimum order to get the store’s name on the cover. And then a 350 minimum order to get a completely original full page cover image of, basically, your choosing. Boundless will work with each qualifying retailer to choose one and the sky (and legal considerations) could very well be the limit.

Writer Mike Wolfer told Bleeding Cool;

“I’ve been having an absolutely awesome time scripting the series, particularly because we’re looking at all of the characters through new eyes. Some, like Pandora and Widow, have pasts which still exist, but don’t really have any bearing on who they are and where they are in their lives now. Years have passed, times have changed and life has gone on for them, and bridging the gap between old and new has been a lot of fun. Others characters, like Hellina, are being given new origins, so readers will be meeting them in their new incarnations for the first time. Pandora will be the anchor of WAR GODDESS, because, well, she IS the War Goddess of the title, but we’ll be seeing a regularly rotating cast of supporting characters who Pandora will call upon to meet specific threats.”

Here are the non-exclusive covers for the 0 issue.

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