Jon Heder And Nick Peterson Using Kickstarter To Fund Short Animated Film

There’s two stories here, and the first is about a disappearing, reappearing, re-disappearing interview transcript, technical problems and various WordPress snafus. That one I’m calling “Sorry Nick and Jon” and I’m going to close the book on it soon, by finally publishing my interview with Nick Peterson and Jon Heder.

But I’ll share a second story in the meantime. In this video you’ll see Nick Peterson, director and animator, and Jon Heder, secret animation producer and beloved star of Napoleon Dynamite, pitch their new project, an animated allegory that they’re calling Drained. They can tell this story better than me, so… take it away, Nick and Jon.

The Kickstarter page for the film is live now.

As I said, more on this as soon as I can overcome a few hiccups. Nick and Jon told me some interesting things, and I’ll bring them to you as soon as I can.