Win Tickets To The London Premiere Of Rubber – It’s Brilliant, You Want To Win

In the six days since I’ve had by my review copy of Rubber, I’ve watched it three times. My TV’s big enough, and the Blu-ray looked great on it, but I also can’t help but wish I’d actually seen this one for the first time in a cinema, with a crowd.

Here’s the Red Band trailer for the film that doesn’t even come close to explaining what the film is about or what happens, but does introduce the living tire, Robert Le Pneu, who is the movie’s star.


The film’s London premiere is taking place on April 8th at the really very good Ritzy cinema in Brixton. It’s being co-promoted by the Picturehouse’s Culture Shock strand and the good folk of Midnight Movies. When I heard about it, I e-mailed them begging for tickets to give away.

They’re promising that a good time will be had by all:

Preceded by a themed party with Americana DJ and cocktails, a special introduction from producer Gregory Bernard (tbc), and a ‘Short in the Dark’ curated by our friends at The London Short Film Festival.

Dress code: rubber wear or tourist attire: bring your binoculars! Prizes for the best dressed.

The binoculars thing is a lovely touch that you’ll appreciate when you see the film – but if they offer you turkey, don’t eat it.

To win a pair of tickets to this one-of-a-kind premiere, all you have to do is e-mail me your name and contact number and a pledge that you’re actually going to turn up and use them because, man, there’s nothing quite as annoying as a pair of empty seats in a cinema that could so easily have been filled.

If you don’t fancy your chances, you might want to just buy your tickets now.