What Quentin Dupieux's Follow-Up To Rubber Will Be About

What Quentin Dupieux’s Follow-Up To Rubber Will Be About

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I’m just through waxing lyrical about Rubber, the convention shattering story of a living tire becoming crazed with power, and I turn to the internet and what do I see? A plot premise for director Quentin Dupieux’s next film.*

Entitled Reality, this in-development picture seems to be about a taxidermist and a mysterious videotape. Here’s a Google translation of the plot as related on a funding application paper and then published by French Premiere:

While his father, a taxidermist, guts he killed a wild boar, his granddaughter, noted that a videotape Reality is in the belly of the animal. At night, she gets into the trash. She wondered if she should watch it. What’s on this tape? What is there in his imagination?

Oh, I’m hooked. Bring it on, Oizo.

*Sorry. I think I wrote that in footballer’s tense. It’s the most masculine my writing has ever been, so I thought I’d leave it.

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