See Wile E. Coyote’s Remake Of 127 Hours

Josh Hylton writes for Bleeding Cool:

For many months now, there has been a stigma attached to me in my local filmgoing community. I did not particularly like 127 Hours.* In fact, I consider it to be one of, if not the most overrated movie of last year and when my fellow cinephiles hear that, they have given me a slack-jawed expression of disbelief, as if nobody has ever disliked a popular movie before.

Of course, if you were to condense the film into two minutes and make the lead star Wile E. Coyote, I’d consider changing my tune… and that’s precisely what New York animator Rob Yulfo has done. There’s not much to say about this, short of detailing the entire video, but it plays much like your usual Wile E. Coyote adventure, where every tactic tried backfires on him – until he decides to slice his arm off.


Thanks to Cartoon Brew for the heads up.

At the end of the video – SPOILER ALERT, if you’re reading ahead – a quick teaser shows Porky Pig fumbling through his words as King George VI in The King’s Speech. Whether this will actually come into fruition or it’s just one final joke remains to be seen.

*Editor’s note: Did not particularly like it? I absolutely hated it.