Bleeding Cool C2E2 Award Nominations Close Wednesday

Posted by March 14, 2011 Comment

On Saturday at 5.30pm at C2E2, we’ll be holding the inaugural Bleeding Cool C2E2 Awards. The first major comics awards of the year and definitely the silliest, with some of the greats in comics and webcomics presenting the awards on the night. And probably no one actually turning up to claim theirs…

But with thousands of people already having made their mark, the votes will end on Wednesday. If you want to do a last minute burst of campaigning , here is your chance. The results, the speeches and the presentations will be reported just as soon as I can tap them down.  Hopefully on the night. Possibly in the bar.

And yes, odds are I’ll be in the CBR Bar during the evenings. Trying to persuade Jonah that he should add a Bloody Cool cocktail to his list (a Bloody Mary with ice, if you must know)

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