Sunday Trending Topics: Is Jake Ellis The New Chew? A Doctor Who Teaser, and #comicmarket

Sunday Trending Topics: Is Jake Ellis The New Chew? A Doctor Who Teaser, and #comicmarket

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Talk about stuff outside the DC or Marvel U — such as Jake Ellis, Carbon Grey, and Kick Ass — dominated the comics posts today.  Over in the film/tv column, a twist on John Carpenter’s The Thing and a Doctor Who teaser rounded out the day.  And soon some retailers will be doing some realtime trending of their own.

Today’s Most-Read Comics Stories

Hot Comics – The Four Image Contenders

They are all new comics from Image. They have all sold out. They are all going to second print. But which is the new Chew? And which is the Dead Walking?

Swipe File: Kick Ass And… Don Quixote???

One of them is considered one of the most important pieces of literature in the world – in fact it’s harder to think of anything quite so influential, in that it created an entire medium of fictional expression pretty much single handedly. And the other one is Don Quixote, about some Spaniard fannying about on a horse. But what does it have in common with Kick Ass, the comic by Mark Millar and John Romita Jr or the movie by Matthew Vaughn and Jane Goldman?

Swipe File: Raise The Dead 2 And Zombie Years

On the left, the cover to the third issue of Raise The Dead 2 from Dynamite. On the right a poster image on display at Wizard World Miami to promote the webcomic Zombie Years, based on an image from the site published the previous year;

Today’s Most-Read TV/Film Stories

Family Guy Writer Tweets Pearl Harbor Joke In Response To Japanese Earthquake

Nonetheless, when a particularly tasteless tweet started rolling around the web last night, and I found out it had been written by Family Guy scriptwriter Alec Sulkin, I wasn’t too surprised. Here’s what he said:

John Carpenter’s The Thing, Retold From The Point Of View Of The Thing

Think of the virus-friendly philosophy of a Cronenberg film and you’re half way there.

That Comic Relief Doctor Who Teaser And Three Deleted Scenes From Series Five

Sorry to those who couldn’t see the Doctor Who Mini-Episode tease for Friday Night’s Comic Relief Red Nose Day telethon on BBC One that Brendon posted yesterday, due to region restrictions. Let’s fix that now.

Realtime Retailer Sales Trends on Twitter at #comicmarket

I follow pretty much every retailer I know about on twitter, and tonight a few of them were kicking around the idea of regularly sharing info and market data — what’s selling for them, what looks good in the distro catalog this month, what the buzz is in their store this week, and basically any other sales trend topic from the retailer perspective.  I think it’s a great idea, so any time there’s significant activity on #comicmarket I’ll be breaking it down for analysis in BC’s trending topic post.  They say anybody’s welcome to jump in, so if you have good info to share get it out there.

Today’s Most-Clicked Graphics

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