Hot Comics - The Four Image Contenders

Hot Comics – The Four Image Contenders

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They are all new comics from Image. They have all sold out. They are all going to second print. But which is the new Chew? And which is the Dead Walking?

Image Comics has a set history now of publishing a new comic by an unfamiliar creative team that is conservatively ordered by retailers until actual reviews and fan response see the comic sell out from the publisher, go to second print often before the book ships, and for the first print to become some hot collector’s item. It happened eventuaklly with The Walking Dead, it happened a couple of weeks after Chew came out, it happened the day Morning Glories was published and for Skullkickers and 27 it happened before the books were even published.

But who is next? Here are four Image comics titles recently published, all critically acclaimed and all sold out on publication.

That’s Who Is Jake Ellis, Carbon Grey, The Intrepids and L’il Depressed Boy. But, for keen investors, have any presented an instant result?

Not so much. In the market, Who Is Jake Ellis has been successfully selling for $13 a piece, possibly as a result of the article in WizardWorldDigital 1.1. L’il Depressed Boy out last week bringing an online fanbase with it has hit $4, but the other two sell for under cover price. However, they do sell. Once copies available at that price have been mopped up, who knows…

There’s also been a pattern for a price of a first Image issue to rocket initially, then soften over the next few weeks, only to firm up around six months down the line.

But the other news is that retailers are starting to order more initially, at least relatively, of first issue Image titles. And demand and supply are doing their usual tricks…

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