John Carpenter's The Thing, Retold From The Point Of View Of The Thing

John Carpenter’s The Thing, Retold From The Point Of View Of The Thing

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Originally published a year ago but becoming lightly viral today (well, a few cool filmmakers tweeted about it) was a retelling of John Carpenter’s The Thing, as narrated from the point of view of said Thing itself. Think of the virus-friendly philosophy of a Cronenberg film and you’re half way there.

If you can’t, or can’t be bothered, to read the story, you may prefer to have it read to you. Who’d have thought that The Thing’s inner monologue would have the genuinely hypnotic voice of Kate Baker?

I’ve just listened to every word through headphones and in total darkness and I’m thinking I need to do more of this. Tomorrow, I shop for audiobooks.

The story was written by Peter Watts, “an awkward hybrid of biologist and science-fiction author, known for pioneering the technique of appending extensive technical bibliographies onto his novels.” That’s per Clarkesworld, where the story was published.

Now, I know the events and order of The Thing pretty well, but I suspect that if you don’t, there’s a lot less to be taken away from this. All the same, there’s nothing you can’t learn by making sure you’ve seen Carpenter’s movie first.

Later this year we’ll get another fresh angle on The Thing when Matthijs van Heijningen Jr.’s prequel finally reaches theatres. I previously pointed you to a few ways in which that new film will tie into Carpenter’s.

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