Emma Watson Is A Riddle Wrapped In A Mystery Inside An Enigma

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Emma Watson is The Riddler. Or, at the very least, a riddler. She’s playing a game with her Twitter followers at the moment, and I wonder if you might help me solve it.

Here’s what she’s said so far:

A new venture is starting – what can it be? Follow my clues and you will see…

I’ll pierce your skin if you hold me wrong but I’ll love you forever if you pass me on.

I’ll be seen through a lens that has seen me before. Do you know who I mean, or do you still need more?

Are you keeping pace? No? Don’t lose face, it’s not a race. We share our birthplace…

She may not be hinting at a film project, and it could be anything else instead, even something as insignificant to you and I as a day spent posing for in expensive clothes for pretty pictures.

From the best I can do in deciphering the other clues, it does seem like a movie project is a real possibility, though. Here’s what I think might (though probably isn’t) going on:

A rose, with its thorns, will pierce your skin if you hold it wrong, but is given from lover to lover – so that sounds about right on clue two.

Clue three seems to suggest pretty openly that Ms. Watson will be working with a photographer or cinematographer (or, perhaps, a director) that she has worked with before.

Watson was born in Paris. The best I can do to match clue three with this is Bruno Delbonnel, the DoP of Harry Potter and the Half Blood Prince, who was born in France. Depends how specific you think she’s being with “place”.

Delobonnel’s next film, according to some sources at least, will be Tim Burton’s Dark Shadows. That’s casting up right now, so it’s not impossible that Watson has just locked down a deal to appear? The obvious character for Wee Em would be the young governess Victoria Winters, but last we heard, Bella Heathcote was negotiating for that role.

So, a few bits of puzzle there, but I’m not sure I’ve come anywhere near putting them together. You can do better… right?

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