First Image From Spielberg's War Horse

First Image From Spielberg’s War Horse

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The first image from Steven Spielberg’s War Horse brings horses and also the trappings of war. Well, if we can refer to members of the military as “trappings of war” in this age of supporting the troops but not their mission.

This image features Benedict Cumberbatch, Patrick Kennedy, Tom Hiddleston, Vanguard, Gamecock and Maori Venture.

Actually, I may have made those horse names up, or taken them from a list of past Grand National Winners. What I will cop to is finding the image at The Daily Mail.

Cumberbatch will be seen this summer in a new series of Sherlock, and Hiddleston is in UK cinemas now in Archipelago.

War Horse will be in UK cinemas next January, and released across the US this December. Either the weather is getting to my arthritis again, or I can feel a trailer coming… shouldn’t be long now.

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