Thursday Runaround - Stan Lee Talks The Thing

Thursday Runaround – Stan Lee Talks The Thing

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TouristWatch: Come To Britain. It’s Bracing.

NewsWatch: Everyone suddenly notices that Spider-Man Million Dollar comic.

HowToWatch: How to make comics in Canada

IndiaWatch: A comic book on Communalism, the attempt to separat society into different communities, which then go to war with each other,  gets published in India, in English and in Hindi.

‘This is not a book or project but a revolution which aims at educating the masses about the severe repercussions of communalism in a diverse country like India. It also breaks many myths related to various religions of the country,’ said Puniyani.

KnockOffWatch: It’s not just the porn people who get away with it. The Almighty Thor comes to DVD in May

RadioWatch: Josh Neufeld hits the college airwaves over his Katrina graphic novel, New Orleans After The Deluge, at Washington State University Vancouver.

He also sat in on a digital storytelling class to share advice and check out new ways WSUV students are mixing and merging media to craft a compelling message.

CollectionWatch: Molly Crababble and John Leavitt on squeezing Puppet Makers, a Zuda graphic novel out of DC Comics.

EducationWatch: Comics continue to invade Canadian classrooms.

Five years ago, Wiseman got the graphic novel Louis Riel, by Chester Brown, into the Thames Valley District school board as teachers tried new ways to teach history. Two Generals, about the Second World War, will also appear in history classrooms.

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They say I am a work in progress. The fools.

Stan Lee Goes On The Record… About the Thing’s… thing.

I never gave it a thought. I guess common sense would say it was made of orange rock too, but I always thought it was more interesting to think about Reed Richards. As you know, he had the ability to stretch, and sexually, that would seem to be a great asset in many areas. But I’ve got to tell you a funny thing about Mallrats.

Jim Shooter: The Problems with Marvel Comics

In 1962, my ten-year-old self discovered a copy of Fantastic Four no. 4 in a barbershop.  I was stunned. This had been going on for four issues without me?!

Teen Accused of Trying to Rob Comic Book Store with Fake Bomb

SOUTHFIELD, Mich. (WJBK) – Washtenaw County teenager is accused of trying to hold up a comic book store with a fake bomb.

Batwoman delayed again, again, again

DC’s letter to retailers yesterday announced that the May and June issues were canceled. DC today just show the preview art appearing in this month’s DC comics for issue #1.

This is the second time the book has been canceled and solicited.

DC Comics color artist Allen Passalaqua @angryf talks about creating comic books and more

Allen Passalaqua is a color artist for DC Comics, a photographer, and a graphic artist. He’s also participating in a new web comic, Battle Pug. There are perhaps just 40 people in the country in Allen’s niche profession, and he spoke to us about how he does his job.

Possible Million-Dollar Comic Collection Spared in Fatal Fire | KSTP TV – Minneapolis and St. Paul

Gary Dahlberg was killed in that fire last July. His collection contained classics like the first-ever Spiderman, which alone could be worth up to $50,000.

Top Cow Comic ‘Crosshair’ Landing at Summit; Mandeville Producing – Hollywood Reporter

Top Cow’s Marc Silvestri and Matt Hawkins are exec producing along with Mandeville’s David Manpearl. Jeff Katz, who wrote the comic with Silvestri, is co-producing. The story centers on a former CIA assassin-turned-suburban dad who must race against the clock to stop a program inside his brain from turning him into an unstoppable killing machine whose target is the U.S. president.

Dave Stevens, “Unmasking the Rocketeer” | The Comics Journal Dec 1987

Dave Stevens is arguably the first (and biggest) star created by the direct sales phenomenon. His Rocketeer series and the covers he did for Eclipse have spawned a veritable cottage industry of T-shirts, posters, and prints, the profits from which have unfortunately been swallowed up by a withering legal battle with Marvel.

Interview with Molly Crabapple and John Leavitt of Puppet Makers | Guerrilla Geek

So we got to thinking what a steampunk Versailles would look like, and immediately thought that, since court ritual had grown to such inhuman extremes, the only people who could carry it out would be cyborgs.

Upcoming Releases 3/16

This file is posted for new products scheduled to ship to comic shops on 3/16/2011 which include Gantz #16, I, Zombie: Dead To The World Volume 1 TP, Morning Glories #8, Hack Slash #2, Night of the Living Dead: Death Valley, and more.

Majestic Snow Batman towers over Vermont | The Beat

But the Legend of Snow Batman will live on in the hearts of men, yes, it will.

EXCLUSIVE: ‘The Amazing Spider-Man’ to Use Pioneering 3D Technology – The Hollywood Reporter

The Amazing Spider-Man is the first movie to be lensed in 3D using 3ality Digital’s TS-5 wireless and handheld beamsplitter mirror rig.

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