The Real Life Super Heroes Of New York City Are A Bit Rubbish

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This is a video from The New York Initiative, an upcoming documentary from about the real life superheroes of New York City. The spiritual home of superheroes, and with a history of Black Panthers and Guardian Angelsm, it seems the natural place for Real Life Super Heroes to set up. Although it’s a shame there’s just not as much street crime as there used to be, to tackle.

Although Nyx, actually accountant Irene Thomas from New Jersey, is more about handing out food and clothing to Manhattan’s homeless rather than getting in the way of a bullet. It’s a similar story with another fellow known as Life.

Although I’m not sure he;’s really trying. And while Samaritan looks a lot tougher…

Apparently he sees his main mission as “encompassing work with the elderly, the environment, safety patrols, outreach and childhood literacy” rather than stopping mugging in alleyways by diving from a water tower.

You know, I can see why Chicago’s Phoenix Jones may get a little annoyed by all this.

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