Duncan Jones Looking For A Publisher To Help Turn Mute Screenplay Into Comics

Duncan Jones Looking For A Publisher To Help Turn Mute Screenplay Into Comics

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Just this evening, Moon and Source Code director Duncan Jones took to Twitter to do a little bit of research:

If anyone has a recommendation on the best publishers for graphic novels, (US only, I’m afraid,) let me know. I’m a researchin’.

Researchin’ what? The answer lies in a recent interview Jones has given to Gordon and the Whale. He told them:

I can sort of tell you that I’ve been talking to my producer today and we have decided that we’re going to release Mute as a graphic novel. Because we’ve had so many problems trying to get this film made, you know? The people who are involved with financing films have just been… shy. Shy of making the script. So what we decided to do is we’re going to make a graphic novel of it, prove it… prove it to an audience that this works and maybe in the future get the chance to come back and make it… we have definitely made that decision… that we’re going to do that.

The image at the head of the post is a piece of Mute concept art.

So while it seems unlikely that Jones will be making Mute his next film, he does have some ideas about what could be next. The particular itch he’s looking to scratch is that of a “city based futuristic sci-fi film”, in the vein of his beloved Blade Runner.

I think the Blade Runner spin-off producers should definitely give him a call, if they’re honestly serious about staying true to the first film and yet delivering something fresh and exciting. To say that Jones has love and respect for Scott’s movie is to undersell his passion for the film somewhat.

Now, enough of the future, time for a blast from the past. Here’s a good and meaty interview I conducted with Mr. Jones in the run up to Moon‘s release in the summer of 2009. It was commissioned and published by /Film. We do talk a little about Mute along the way, as well as Jones’ entire career until that point.


Source Code is with us on April 1st. Be excited.

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