Will Marvel Publish The Unpublished Roger Langridge Muppet Show?

Roger Langridge has let loose a few unpublished pages he created for Boom! Studios when it was all loved up on Disney and The Muppet Show, and does seem to confirm that Boom! doesn;t have that license anymore. He writes;

As far as I understand it, the unpublished work I’ve done for Boom isn’t technically Disney’s until it’s published, and obviously Boom can’t publish it without a license. So it’s in a kind of limbo right now. In the best of all possible worlds, I’d like to think that Boom and Marvel can come to some kind of arrangement whereby Marvel can eventually release the work.

Roger Langridge’s work on The Muppet Show was one of the medium’s highlights of the last few years, and the knowledge that there is unpublished work is just cruel.

So to be even crueller, thanks to Roger, here’s a taste of it… from a four issue story called The Four Seasons.

Both and Marvel and Boom declined comment.

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