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ICv2 – Publishers to Borders: ‘We Want Our Books Back’

As the Borders bankruptcy drags on publishers are starting to file motions with the bankruptcy court asking for the return of books for which they have not been paid.

Charting the Beginnings | The Comics Journal

A capsule history of alternative Japanese comics from the 1950s to the mid ’70s might go like this.

Holy streaming, Batman! Dark Knight on Facebook

The Dark Knight, the 2008 Batman thriller directed by Christopher Nolan and starring Christian Bale, will be the first movie offered for rental on Facebook, the studio said, and can be watched at

Jim Shooter Blogs

Easiest gold star I ever won. And I would like to thank, albeit somewhat belatedly, whoever wrote the Donald Duck comic book in which I found the word bouillabaisse.

Richard Pace Takes Marvel Back To The Beginnings. | The Sketchcard Saloon.

There are many faces of Hulk, and Richard Pace has captured them intensely in that eight card puzzle.  This original art masterpiece will be inserted randomly to the foil wrapped packs of Upper Deck’s Marvel Beginnings set.  One lucky collector will swell to gigantic proportions when it is discovered.

Eduardo Risso Action 1 Redo

Risso’s take on one of the most famous covers in comics.

Ape Brings “Casper” Back to Comics – Comic Book Resources

As part of its ever-expanding KiZoic line of all-ages titles, Ape Entertainment and Classic Media announced today that the publisher will be adding the Casper’s Scare School™ property to its roster, featuring the “Official Ambassador of Halloween,” Casper the Friendly Ghost®, and all of the characters from the CGI-animated Casper’s Scare School television series.

ICv2 – Dept. of the Inevitable: A Charlie Sheen Comic

Lest anyone think that Bluewater is exploiting a potentially tragic situation, Darren Davis, the company’s President, notes that the Charlie Sheen comic will have a strong message warning of the dangers of substance abuse and the seriousness of mental health issues.

A Bidding War Breaks Out to Finally Make a Big-Budget Voltron — Vulture

Vulture hears that a bidding war has broken out to finance a Transformers-size blockbuster retelling of the legend of the iconic robotic lions and their human pilots; Ryan Kavanaugh’s deep-pocketed Relativity Media is one of the very interested parties trying to sell itself to World Events Productions, the St. Louis–based company behind the original show.

East Grinstead, news, Garen Ewing, stamps,

Comic book artist Garen Ewing’s design is now on sale for 97p as part of a new collection which was given the royal seal of approval.

Comics: Disabled Muslim Hero Silver Scorpion to Save World? – TIME

A collaboration between Los Angeles–based comic-book company Liquid Comics and the Open Hands Initiative — a nonprofit stemming from President Obama’s pledge to extend America’s “open hand of friendship” to the rest of the world — the Silver Scorpion is the brainchild of a group of young disability advocates from the U.S. and Syria.

Every Day Is Like Wednesday: The monthly sadness of the DC sales chart comes with a suprise this time: No one is reading <em>JLA/The 99</em> for some reason

They received about as much press coverage as any comic book characters could hope to. In the six-issue miniseries JLA/The 99, the new heroes team up with The Justice League of America, the DC super-team (usually) composed of Superman, Batman, Wonder Woman and the most popular and well-known superheroes who aren’t owned by Marvel.

The Death of Gwen Stacy

Classic Cosplay Reenactment.

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