The First Tintin Movie Merchandise Is…

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Harry Potter has Lego. Pirates of the Caribbean has Lego. Toy Story has Lego. Indiana Jones has Lego. Peter Jackson and Steven Spielberg’s Tintin has…

Meccano. Hurrah!

Frank Hornby invented this construction kit toy in 1901. It’s a build-your-own-industrial-revolution-in-a-box, all nuts, bolts, mini-girders, gears and pulleys. It probably fueled enough youngsters into a love of Engineering that without it, the world be a slightly less mechanical place.

The first Tintin toys were revealed by Toy News, who then pulled the page with no explanation. But it’s okay, I pulled the image and have it here now, for posterity.

Boys’ own constructor toys for this boy’s own adventure movie. Good match.

Tintin will be out at the end of the year. While it remains to be seen how it performs in American cinemas, I’m sure it will be a smash in Europe.

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