Four Unused Beck/Sex Bob-omb Songs From Scott Pilgrim Vs. The World

My single favourite thing about Edgar Wright’s Scott Pilgrim vs. The World is the song Ramona, as written and performed by Beck. It’s just the kind of beautiful, melancholic thing that I fall for easily – and I suppose Scott would have to say the same thing about its namesake.

All of the Sex Bob-omb songs in the film were composed by Beck, reportedly working quickly, almost “in character” as this lo-fi garage band from Scott’s Toronto. I always assumed there would have been out takes, alternative versions and unused songs out there somewhere – and somewhere, as it turns out, is the internet. Yep. Again.

You can hear four tracks at Some Kind of Awesome: Indefatigable by Sex Bob-omb, No Fun, Disgusting Rainbow and Gasoline Eyes by Beck. No Fun even comes complete with a faux KRTS intro.

I see from YouTube that a live version of Indefatigable has been knocking around for a good while, and there is a version of it in the film, it just didn’t make it onto the soundtrack album.

Right, there you go – that’s all the nudging I need to pop the film back into the Blu-ray player for another go round. It doesn’t take much, really…