Doctor Who Meets An Old Friend, A New Friend… And An Old Enemy?

Filming is currently underway on the climactic two-parter that will close out the second half of this year’s double-barreled Who. Because it’s taking place in a relatively public place, snoops about, and where there are snoops, photographs and videos follow, and where there are pics and clips, spoilers will surely come along too.

So don’t say you haven’t been warned.

For this episode, the Doctor appears to be going undercover as a human again, taking a job in a shop. Most of his dress code looks the same, but the jacket’s new and he’s wearing a name badge.

Also in the scene is James Corden, reprising his role as Craig. It would seem that Craig has had a child since last time around.

And what’s that in the Doctor’s hand? I do believe it’s a Cybermat.

Now, according to Who lore, these are what the Cybermen make when they don’t have enough body to convert into a full Cyberman – they either have somebody disabled, say, or a baby. These lice-weapon-cyberbugs then play a part in converting yet more hapless humans to the cybercause.

Add Cybermat this to Craig’s baby, and I think we might be up for a “They’re coming for our kids!” storyline. Or, at the very least, there’s a very solid chance of the Cybermen showing up for the series’ finale.


Thanks to Timeboy at Doctor Who TV for the images and video.