All San Diego Comic Con Downtown Hotels Full Up To Bursting

There were over fifty San Diego hotels offering special Comic Con rates a couple of hours ago. There are twenty-two with remaining rooms as I type this. The twenty-eight most expensive hotels, all downtown and closest to the show, sold out first, despite “discounted” prices hitting $300 a night.

Hotels in Mission Valley, a mere six miles away from as little as $139 a night are still available. And, you know, there is a shuttle service…

This seems by all accounts to have been a very smooth system this year. People got on, registered their hotel choices, and are now waiting to discover which hotels they have got. And can then work out exactly how much shoe leather they’ll be getting through, or how long they’ll have to spent a day getting to or from Mission Valley.

Of course, the really, really smart people will have noticed that the show has put up marquees for people who want to queue for Hall H or Ballroom 20 overnight. So you could probably stay there, whether you want to get into the Twilight panel or not. And the San Diego climate is rather nice. And they could save themselves $300 a night and stay even close to the convention centre that anyone in a hotel, as long as they don’t mind the sound of Klingons mating. And, hey, maybe earn money by selling that spot in the queue to a studio exec…

The system gives you a choice of twenty hotels when finding a room. Soon, you won’t even have that luxury.

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