The Amazon Glitch Anniversary Throws Up New Mini-Glitches

The Amazon Glitch Anniversary Throws Up New Mini-Glitches

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It was a year ago that we saw the Great Amazon Glitch, as our collective hopes of getting $100 Madman hardcovers for $14 were raised. Most of those orders came to nothing, but hundreds did get various Omnibi for next to nothing. Posts of stacks of hardcovers bought for less than a week’s comics purchase were common and, hey, we all got a $25 voucher out of it. And for the first time, all the top selling Amazon titles were comics. Big comics.

But what better fitting occasion on this anniversary than for a number of comics hardcovers to start exhibiting glitchy behaviour on Amazon?

The first Scarlet hardcover volume by Brian Bendis and ALex Maleev, due to be released in July is 54% off at Amazon, down from $24.99 to $11.55.

The Captain America Lives Omnibus by Ed Brubaker, Bryan Hitch, Butch Guice, Luke Ross and Steve Epting  is 53% off, down from $75 to $35.57.

And the Fantastic Four Vol 4 hardcover by Jonathan Hickman and Steve Epoting collecting the death of Johhny Storm and more out in May, is 54% off, down from $24.99 to $11.04.

When you figure in shipping and processing, Amazon is losing money on these titles. If anyone can work out why without using the phrase “loss leader” we’d love to know more…

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