Shane Black Reveals Plans For Iron Man 3, Some Of Them Sound A Bit Suspect

Shane Black will not only be directing the upcoming Iron Man 3, he’ll also be writing its screenplay. Speaking at the Omaha Film Festival, Black dropped some tidbits about which approach the studio and he are favouring, and these have since made their way to Aint It Cool News. Bullet points:

  • Downey has story input – again.
  • Black is scripting. Persumably he’ll still take notes from the Marvel brain trust.
  • The studio was not too happy with Iron Man 2‘s “two men in iron suits fighting each other” approach (no mention made of Iron Man 1‘s “two men in iron suits fighting each other” storyline, though).
  • There’s to be a Tom Clancy vibe to the part 3 proceedings, apparently. This is to suggest some kind of “real world” style.
  • There will apparently be no more movie crossovers after The Avengers, so Iron Man 3 won’t feature Nick Fury or Coulson on The Hulk or any such.

I’m sceptical about that last point, not least because of the “2017 plan” we heard about – another crossover on the Marvel horizon, after The Avengers. I’ll be doubly sceptical when Whedon’s movie makes an unholy amount of money and gets heaped with critical acclaim.

I know I should have said “if”, but it really looks like a “when” from where I’m standing.