Q: Why Do Apple Premiere So Many Movie Trailers? A: It’s All About The Phantom Menace…

Q: Why Do Apple Premiere So Many Movie Trailers? A: It’s All About The Phantom Menace…

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I don’t know how Quora works, really, but I’m sure I should find out. Nonetheless, there’s an interesting bit of info on there tonight that I thought was worth passing along.

Here’s the Q:

How did Apple.com become the de facto spot for movie trailers? The major record companies giving up control to iTunes is a blunder I can fathom. Not sure why the Hollywood studios still debut their films on Apple.com, though.

And the answer is marked “not for reproduction”, so I’ll just paraphrase the basic idea and send you over for the full thing (with thanks to Gizmodo Australia).

Somebody called “Chad Little, Former Employee” (of Apple, I assume) tells a tale that starts with the trailer for The Phantom Menace. This little hot cake was being hosted on Lucasfilm’s own site in a Real format – ie. a surreally bad format. Appalled members of the Apple Cult of Star Wars used DNS data to contact Lucas folk and offer to host a nicer quality Quicktime version.

In order to deliver this trailer at high bandwidth to so many punters, Apple got involved with Akamai, a then just-budding hosting startup. It was shortly after this that Apple invested in Akamai, and the rest was history – history well-studded with X-Men, Lord of the Rings and other high profile trailer premieres.

This little bit of trivia caught my eye because, at it’s heart, it was about some Star Wars geeks being appalled by the quality of the Phantom Menace trailer they were being delivered and wanting to do something about it.

…unfortunately, they stopped at its AV quality and didn’t go so far as to rewrite and actually remake the movie.

Cute yarn. Now let’s see you use it to garrote Apple, because I’m sure somebody will.

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