Monday Trending Topics: Blame It On Rio, Read It From Shooter, Marvel At Charlie

Monday Trending Topics: Blame It On Rio, Read It From Shooter, Marvel At Charlie

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It’s been a pretty busy Monday on your 24 hour comic news channel. ECCC seems to have had its breakout year, C2E2 is just around the corner, and comic book season is here. This is what people read about most today:

The Super Heroines Of Rio Carnival 2011 In Photos (NSFWUYWIBIG)

Last night, as part of the Cubango samba school parade at Rio Carnival 2011, a number of models dressed up, if that’s the word, as Storm, Elektra, Wonder Woman, Spider-Woman and She Ra. And by “dressed” I mean “painted.

Shane Black Reveals Plans For Iron Man 3, Some Of Them Sound A Bit Suspect

The studio was not too happy with Iron Man 2‘s “two men in iron suits fighting each other” approach (no mention made of Iron Man 1‘s “two men in iron suits fighting each other” storyline, though).

The Deadpool Charlie Sheen Team-Up

Oh Charlie Sheen, you keep delivering. Last week Axel Alonso tweeted asking if Deadpool should team up with Charlie Sheen. And Ben Christian and Cory Smith delivered. Then e-mailed Bleeding Cool.

Marvel Sold Separate Film Licenses For Amazing Spider-Man And Spectacular Spider-Man Because Licensing Department Thought They Were Two Separate Characters?

In the introduction, Jim Shooter makes much of the incompetence of the licensing side when he was editor-in-chief of Marvel – and the editorial regime on his departure.

Speculator Corner: Fear Itself Special

Due to a lack of clarity and initial title, this book has been heavily underordered compared with the main issues of Fear Itself to come.

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