Lying In The Gutters – 7th March 2011

Nicholas Brendon at Emerald City Comic Con writing rather odd notes to his fans…

Okay, everyone’s back from Seattle and we are burning up our server space. As we speak, people are running around with new whirry spinny things like out of Joe 90 to cope with the massive traffic bursts we’ve been experiencing. So let’s see what’s been causing us to go “did I leave the oven on” this week?

Top Twenty Traffic Posts Of The Week

1. Les Femmes Fatales Cosplay Exhibition – Second week at number one, thank you StumbleUpon.

2. Google Celebrates Will Eisner’s 94th Birthday – and made us the number one google doodle link for about two hours. Thanks again.

3. Set Shot From Spider-Man XXX

4. Long Lost Version Of Cyborg Found

5. Unpublished Will Eisner Interview

6. Smallville Drops Batman And Wonder Woman Teasers

7. Charlie Sheen Vs Galactus

8. Four Clips From The New Looney Tunes Show

9. Tronporn

10. Details On Warren Ellis’ SVK

11. Scooby Doo, What On Earth Are You Doing?

12. Wolverine Changes Colour

13. The Rocky Horror DC Comics Show

14. The Dark Knight Will Rise Against SPOILERS

15. A New Look For Sin In Fear Itself

16. Justice League Rise Of Arsenal Nominated For Prism Awards

17. Batporn

18. Odin Is Not The All Father

19. Is Thor Showing His True Colours?

20. Superheroines Of The Rio Carnival 2011 (NSFWUYWIBIG)

Ten You May Have Missed

1. Garth Ennis To Return To Marvel?

2. What Horror Movies Have Done To Us – VIDEO

3. Swipe File: One More Day Vs Superman 2000

4. Most You’ve-Just-Gotta-Hear-This Girl Group Of All Time To Provide Wild Story For New Fanning Sisters Movie

5. Swipe File: Miracleman Vs Being Human (SPOILERS)

6. First Trailer For Attack The Block and Two Clips From Attack The Block

7. Savage Dragon Goes Day And Date Digital With Two Price Points

8. Four New Character Banners From Winnie The Pooh Which We Can’t Review Due To An Embargo But Could Probably Get Away With Praising Here Because Who Would Come Looking For A Rave About A Hand-Drawn Animated Family Film In The Links Section Of Lying In The Gutters? Hopefully Not Disney, Because I’m Just Going To Go Ahead And Tell You That It’s A Real Charmer And While Being Very Low Key Is Still Warm, Witty And Engaging – And When It Was Finished, I Wanted More.

9. Mike Mignola Regular Artist On Hellboy Again

10. A Bit Of A Breakdown Of Two X-Men: First Class Character Posters

And a special thanks to Dennis O’Neil, Aaron and Mike, Adi Tantimedh, Ed Kaye, Greg Baldino, Cheryl Warner, Kate Atherton, Josh Hylton, Joe Gualtieri, Ben Mortimer, Andrew GoletzJamie Field,

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