Sunday Runaround - The Emerald Age Of Comics

Sunday Runaround – The Emerald Age Of Comics

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LocalPress: The Seattle Times on Emerald City Comic Con

“It’s mind-bending how big it is now and how influential,” said Gary Groth, who works at Seattle-based Fantagraphics Books, a graphic-novel and comic-book publisher, and edits the print edition of The Comics Journal, a magazine of news and criticism on comics and cartooning.

Groth attributes the growth of such conventions to comics becoming a more integral part of pop culture.

“Or perhaps pop culture has become more comic-book-ized,” he said. “You see it with comic-book movies or TV shows like ‘Heroes.’ What used to be seen as essentially kids’ entertainment has become grown-up entertainment.”

GodWatch: From Christian Without A Pulpit in Seattle

“The lure of an extensive collection can be pretty great. Personally, I attempt to keep it in check by loaning out my books as much as possible to any friend that would like to peruse them. I feel that the best reason to fill bookshelves with comics is to have them reread, even if it is by other people. The more I loan out, the less I become like Gollum, right? While this system is hardly perfect, I think it works well enough. If there is one lesson I have tried to learn, it is that things are just that. Things will not make anybody happy, no matter how fun they are to read.

NovelToComicsWatch: Books on the stands;

“State of Mind” (Bedouin Press, $26) by Sven Michael Davidson is a fictional work threaded with reality. In the Los Angeles of 2030, Jake Travissi, a police officer, makes an error which gets him banned from the force. His second chance includes having a computer chip implanted in his body and joining an experimental unit of Homeland Security. This is Davidson’s second book. He also consults for entertainment technology companies. A graphic novel version of “State of Mind” is being created for Comicon in San Diego in July.

No1ComicsWebsiteInAmericaBut PossiblyOnlyInJanuaryWatch: The Comics Alliance panel from Emerald Comic Con;


KickstarterWatch: Help get the rather beautiful comic book The Wormworld Saga its very own App.

BC ComicChronThis is The Bleeding Cool ComicChron Robot speaking. I come for your women. But for now I merely collate comic-related bits and pieces online. One day I will rule. Until that day, read on.

Kodansha ends export strategy | The Japan Times Online

Kodansha USA Publishing and Vertical will be Kodansha’s North American pillars, he said. “Our board members decided the current style of exporting books from Kodansha International was not appropriate anymore,” he said.

What Will Josh Do?

What does this seemingly random sketch of a DC character have to do with anything?

Hulu – Late Night with Jimmy Fallon: Thu, Mar 3, 2011 – Watch the full episode now.

Jimmy pays a woman $10 to lick a copy of Superman #3 from 1939.


I like that I came home with little books featuring three different binding techniques. There was even more ingenuity on display at the tables. It just goes to show – if you wanna make comics, you’re gonna make comics. No reason to let anything stand in your way.

India’s Superhero Is Not Superman

The superhero — bulging legs stuffed into tight pants, broad chest adorned with a symbol of power — has vowed to fight the enemies of humanity. He is not Superman. He is not Batman. He is Shaktimaan, protector of all humanity — at least in India.

Robert Kirkman On ‘The Walking Dead’ Season 2, Shane’s Future, The CDC Arc, And More!

I wouldn’t say that, but the thing is, all of the [comic book] characters kind of bore me, because I’ve been with them for so long. I like everything the actors are doing with the characters, and they’re not giving boring performances, but Daryl Dixon is entirely new to me. That guy is cool and unexpected and throws a lot of new things into the mix of the ensemble. I think because of that, he brings so much new stuff to the show, and that excites me. … Steven Yeun does a great job, and he’s a perfect Glenn and does all kinds of awesome stuff, but I’ve known Glenn for 10 years. I know all about Glenn.

Peter David Returns to SPIDER-MAN in Current X-FACTOR Arc

Actually using Felicia stemmed from the nature of the story. Jonah Jameson is consulting with X-Factor over a series of events that would normally fall under Felicia’s purview, and Felicia can get rather territorial with these things. So she winds up being drawn into the middle of it.

Chris Eliopoulos Sells His Graphic Novel for $2 And Has a Hit » MTV Geek

It’s not really about getting rich. Yes, the money is nice, but this is also about getting my work out there into new hands–people who have never read my work and might be willing to take a chance on something for a couple of bucks. But, I will say, that the first book is a digital version of a print book I did. I made more money in 3 weeks of sales than I made in a year on the printed book.

‘The Counselor’ Wins Stan Lee’s ‘Create A Superhero Contest’ » MTV Geek

“Creativity is the biggest component of what this contest was all about” says McFarlane. “I was looking for some originality for a character, as well as trying to imagine if this particular idea could be put into a comic book and have decade’s worth of stories spin out from it. This submission by Thomas Leopold hit on all of those criteria.”

Irrfan Khan Website Claims He Is Proto-Goblin, Rhys Ifans is Green Goblin

In this movie, Irfan will be seen playing the character of Nels Van Atter, who later transforms into the Proto-Goblin, a monstrous villain with superhuman strength, intellect, stamina and agility. He would be joined by the Welsh actor Rhys Ifans as Norman Osborn (Green-Goblin)

The Runts of All Evil by *kizer180

What do you get when you combine a controlling, genius, asshole of a kid with a mischievous clown loving misfit and his Dark hearted and demented little bastard buddy. The best friendship ever. I’d take the hell off if I saw these kids walking my way though…..but that’s just me.  lil Lex, Joker, and Darksied twas much of a hoot to draw up. I shall pop up more pieces of these three I’m sure down the road.  [see also the rest of his gallery for amazing stuff]

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