Brian K. Vaughan Writing New Screenplay, Will Direct

Brian K. Vaughan is a sometime Lost scriptwriter and creator of the comics Y: The Last Man, Ex Machina and Runaways. All of those comics are at same stage of development for big-screen translation, with Vaughan himself having written for the Ex Machina and Runaways adaptations. He also penned the original tale of King Arthur and cohort, Roundtable, which relocates Camelot and its cast of characters to the modern day.

Of those, it seems that Runaways might be the first to move ahead, and even that has been facing some problems.

But there’s a sunnier side to this story, so let’s flip it over. The Hollywood Reporter offers up a scoop on Vaughan signing up with a new agent:

Brian K. Vaughan… has signed with Verve. He was previously at CAA… A believer in the creation of original material, Vaughan is cooking up several new projects across various media, including a new screenplay on which he plans to make his feature directorial debut.

Another case of “What I really want to do is direct”? Well, we sure can’t fault Vaughan’s belief in “the creation of original material”. I don’t think anybody is going to make a case for repetition, retreads and do-overs.

Well. Except for the people who actually greenlight and finance films. Cough bastards cough.

Vaughan’s skills as a director are as yet unknown, but his instincts and abilities as a storyteller are strong. We await more news on his projects keenly.