Stellan Skarsgard To Reprise His Thor Role In The Avengers

It’s hard to know how and why a minor character in one Marvel movie would turn up in another, but I suppose it’s already been true of Agent Coulson. Next up for the inter-picture shuffle is Dr. Selvig (aka Andrews), the character played by Stellan Skarsgard in Thor, and as we know now, The Avengers too.

I have no idea who this Dr. Selvig (aka Andrews) is or what role he fulfills in Thor, let alone in The Avengers. Probably something to do with medicine, or having the kind of degree that would qualify him to teach. Or maybe travelling through space-time in a Police Box.

My best guess? Whedon needed a SHIELD-friendly doc to help with giving Steve Rogers a medical on thawing out and pulled in Selvig as a Thor tie-in.

It is a truth universally acknowledged that I’m repeating myself in saying a little bit of Stellan Skarsgard goes a long way. I’m certainly always very happy to see him. Thanks to Whedonesque for passing along the link to Expressen.